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If you're in NYC or LA!

First, NY: if you are a freelancer working in NYC, Working Today needs 300 more freelancers to take their survey rating the top NY companies to work for. Of course, if you hate everyone you've worked for in NY I guess you can skip it!

And if you're in LA: White Castle is opening up it's first (temporary) West Coast location to promote that movie coming out. Totally bizarre. It'll be at 8301 W. Sunset Blvd., and they'll be giving away burgers and prizes from July 22 to Aug 11. So if you're an East Coaster who lives there now, here's your chance to get your fix! And if you've never had one, here's your chance to find out what all the fuss is about. (And your chance to find out why so many people ban White Castles from their homes around here.)



okay -- if you go, we need a report!! I have to hear about this!

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! So...far...away. Only one solution: Roadtrip!

Our nice, quiet, tree-lined, gay neighborhood in Los Feliz is only a few miles from Sunset, but I think we have some kind of force field keeping all the hookers out. I fear White Castle will upset the natural balance that generates the hooker shield, as every burger scientist knows, both White Castle and IN-N-OUT Burger cannot possibly exist within the same state without rupturing the beef time continuum.

Iím just sayiní.


well, it's only 2 weeks. and I don't know if too many hookers will flock to the white castle, since stinking afterwards for a couple days might hurt their business.....what am I saying, I've seen those shows on HBO and some of those girls look rank. maybe you SHOULD worry....;P


I know what I'll be eating for two weeks straight, or at least until my colon explodes!

Mmmm... slimy stinkburgers...

Coop -

You won't make two weeks. Two days, maybe. COlon explosions have been known to occur in opne sitting at the Castle.

BTW, if they really want an authentic White Castle set-up, they will of course hire ex-convicts. I do so miss the 92nd st. WC in Brooklyn...