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you know, I log on, meaning to update, then suddenly I have to deal with new comment spam because I haven't updated the MT-Blacklist recently enough...and whatever was in my head is just ::poof:: gone!

Instead, I will simply give you a link to a photo of Mattel's latest "what were they thinking" moment. Yes, that's right, they've got the sole African-American male in the new My Scene line saying "All girls like chocolate!" Maybe not on the level of the famous Earring Magic Ken, but still.

Aha!! Just sitting here typing made me remember what I logged on to post. Check out the Fundrace 2004 neighbor search, if you haven't already. It's pretty interesting -- a little freaky to realize you could be on it, name, address and all, but seeing the breakdown of your area politically (at least going by people who actually give money) is fascinating. I was actually suprised to find our neighborhood predominantly funding Democrats!!


Mattel = scary! What WERE they thinking?

That search engine is so cool! Of course it is not cool that most of them are GWB contributors. There are a lot of Democratic contributors but their contributions were a lot smaller than the $1000s given to GWB.

Also, who knew that so many attorney's lived in our neighborhood.