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uppity update

Just a quick hello, we are in a nightmare morass of work. But I do still intend to get that manga post up asap.

In interesting news, one of the jobs I've been getting done was a set of illos for an interview I did that'll be running in ElleGirl Korea. Which was a very fun interview, but I don't think any of you are too likely to see it. It should be coming out soon and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turned out!

Oh, and before I forget: believe it or not, Tamagotchi are coming back!


So you're telling me the line "Hey how 'bout you let my Tamagochi play with your Tamagotchi for a while" might actually work...wow, the possibilities.

Hey, I didn't even think of the possibilities for single folks...Yeah, I think you better get yourself one and do some research!