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a new link!

Well I just had to share this -- apparently KFC has convinced all of Japan that fried chicken is the traditional christmas meal! That sneaky colonel...

And thanks to everyone for the holiday wishes, we're getting ready to head down to my dad's for the traditional Xmas eve dinner of Mexican food...hope you're all having a good holiday wherever you are and whoever you're with.


Have a lovely Christmas, Sarah!
And a SPLENDID New Year!

Hi Sarah, long time no see. It's JKC from the old AOL forum. Hope you guys are having a nice holiday. Take care!

hiya sarah! just wanted to wish you and the evan a merry christmas :-) also, josh talked me into getting a livejournal doodad, so if you get bored, the url is www.livejournal.com/users/thatcartoonguy
okay, back to the eggnog i go - happy holidays!

I knew something was up in Japan when I saw Col. Sanders' cameo in the original "Project A-ko" movie. See also this funny article by Jim Knipfel on how the Col. has become a Japanese cultural icon: http://www.nypress.com/14/46/news&columns/slackjaw.cfm