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don't know about this idea...

I mean, I love monkeys and all but...handing your baby over to Gorillas? I just don't think I can approve of that one...


"It's a ritual. I'll probably give her to the dominant female who will take her off, sex her, and introduce her to the others."

Does that mean the dominant female gorilla is going to have intercourse with the human baby? If so, can I just say: ewww

Lordie pete. I have to say, it's one thing to introduce your 14 year old to some gorillas but to put your infant in the arms of an animal and let her be removed from your control sounds like a receipe for disaster. There was an incident where a couple killed their daughter by putting her on the back of a bull for a photo op. I just don't understand what people are thinking.

I think the sexing thing will involve a lot of sniffing...still pretty ewww if you ask me. And putting a baby on a real live bull? People amaze me.

Hey baby, when you're a rich zoo heir, you can do whatever you want... without a peep of protest from your Stepford wife, apparently...

Well, apparently the video of the baby being handed to the gorillas was on Good Morning America this AM -- an excerpt from it was on the morning news, and if I knew how to program my VCR I woulda taped it, because it was weirdly cool. They handed their baby over to a gorilla to hold!