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junior senior!

Okay, in a comment below, SLG monkey Joe linked to this Junior Senior video, which is actually really great. Cartoony and videogamey and very cute. The music might not be for everyone but it's fun in that Daft Punk disco-y sort of way. Go! Watch!


Gah! Not the squirrel video! I guess it's better if you're not being forced to watch it at 3:00 in the morning drunk and sleepy at SDCC.

Hi, by the way!

Ooh, Deb has a livejournal! I must go and spy on her!!

But then you'll find out about my impure love for you! Oh no! ;)

I played this video for my folks back in August. They thought I was completely insane, but they laughed at all the right places.

Later that weekend, we heard the song in the Niketown when we were shopping for back-to-school shoes for my little brother. I felt so cutting edge.

Fun stuff.