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in honor of april 1st

my favorite April 1st headline by far: Astro Boy to help rebuild Iraq.


OK, time to show my age, here. For someone like me that grew up with watching Astroboy way back when in NYC (channel 5 when it was WNEW, none of this FOX crap)when I read this headline here on Sarah's site, I smiled and thought, "Man, if only!!" The again, if that were true, I'd be going to Africa looking to make pals with a certain White Lion named "King Leo"...

Instead, it just made me kind of sad. I have seen the "real" all walking and singing and Dancing robots from Japan.

Man, if only...

Do you mean those little cute ones? I think they just announced they won't be selling them anytime soon. The cutest thing in the article was when one of the creative team said he had real trouble doing the test when they knock them down to show that they can get back up. He said it upset him to push them over. Awww...

Yeah, those are the ones. real amazing looking seeing the video stream from Japan (I think it might have been the Sony site) and watching the one fall and get back up was pretty amazing. The scientists and Engineers must have packed plenty into those small bodies in order to do that!