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For those of you that found the nifty little internal error message instead of my site this afternoon, sorry about that. I was attempting to fix a problem on the server that's…really hard to make brief, actually. (For those of you that care, I had to reset the mime handler type for .xml files so I can get the RSS feed up later this week.) In any case, I always forget that using the control panel will destroy everything, so that's what happened. All better now. (Although, it's not really their fault, it's because I've done enough customizing that their automatic stuff conflicts with what I've done.)

Anyway, that's not a very exciting update, I know. But I just thought I'd let anyone know who came across that little disaster today.


mime handler??!?!?! sounds vaguely obscene.

nope-- by my lights, what sounds vaguely obscene is what is on CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS right now. We are at war. And this scares the pants off me.
brad, in the basement, behind the canned peaches...