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Manga! Manga!

Actually picked up 3 books this week: Crayon Shin-Chan vol 3, still holding my interest, although there was too much of Dad in this volume (as in when Shin-Chan shows off his "elephant", Dad shows him the "great mammoth"); Astro Boy vol 12, which just gets more demented and violent with every volume; and Iron Wok Jan vol 3, which is really holding up, although if Jan doesn't show some redeeming qualities soon I don't know how much more I can take. But I am enjoying finally having a cooking manga—and this volume includes recipes, with a Chinese medicine emphasis to them! I tell you, I would so love to do a cooking comic, if I thought it would sell more than 2 copies.

Also on the manga tip, found a really interesting interview with female creator Rui Hashimoto, who does biographical manga I doubt we'll be seeing here any decade soon. Issues of gender in the manga world are touched on, as well as the current apparently gloomy state of the industry in Japan. (PS, the interview is brief, and I'm interested in her work, but I cannot find anything in english on her other than this very interview. If anyone comes across anything, please let me know!)


I'd buy one. Your soda bread recipe is one I've used often. My girlfriend loves it.

I have the mighty marvel cookbook and the DC one they put out in the 70s.

Maybe it's time someone did an alternative/independent version. If there is one, I don't know about it. You could create a whole new market!
(reminds me of an old Cecil Kunkle I saw in CBG a long time ago-

"Spaghetti Nurse #1! I bet it will give Stan Lee nightmares."

"I bet you're right.")

I think you'd have better luck in bookstores and cofffeeshops than in comic shops, though.

i'd buy a cooking comic too...so there's your tow copies. yee-ha, i guess.

Make that three. I really should learn how to cook one of these days.
Soda bread? Do tell! My boyfriend likes to make bread.

There was "Northwest Cookery Comix" or whatever, an anthology published by Starhead Comix of Seattle, which featured recipes and comics by Gregory, Woodring, Barr, JR Williams, Cat Garza and many more. Ellen Forney's soda bread recipe has been tested by research.

you could always go diy and make a cooking zine. just xerox and mail for a buck or two each.
or you could do a mini comic and get slave labor to include it with some other comic. or an action girl tpb/collection.

Okay, so you all do realize that getting more than 2 people doesn't mean I'm going to be able to run out and do this, right? But it does make me more motivated to try it! Maybe I'll just fax it to anyone who cares. ^_^

I almost did a cooking zine years and years ago, btw - I actually finished the first issue, which was nothing but meatloaf recipes of all kinds. But I never did anything with it, I had no idea at the time (I'm talking probably 1990) that I'd ever find anyone interested in retro cooking. Now there's whole sites and books about it!

Paula - the soda bread recipe is here: http://www.jinjur.com/cooking/cook003.html

Okay, now I have to start thinking about my cooking comic...

Thanks! It's also really neat how it prints out perfectly on just one page.

It does? Cool!

I mean, yes! It does! Neat huh? ^_^