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Now, it really has to get better…

So just when we thought things had been so difficult they could only get better, our basement flooded Saturday evening. In an amazing stroke of "luck", I caught it just after it happened and so there wasn't much time for the water to soak into things. What kind of things? Boxes of magazines with interviews with one or both of us; the storyboards from various shows we've worked on; a box full of lithographs and art; some vintage clothes; and lots of more water-resistant items. Virtually nothing was damaged, but we spent hours hauling stuff out and getting it out of wet boxes, and our whole house looks like we just moved in. But it could have been so much worse.

And now, some fun: go download the tetris-clone Viva Los Straighjackets for hours of fun—although the constant yelling might make it hard to play at work…


Related story: We just moved into our current apartment in late December. Since then, we've had numerous problems with the toilet. All of them have involved gushing leaks of some kind. At one point, the entire bathroom was covered in about an inch-and-a-half of water. I rushed to grab some towels (and anything else I could find) and came back to find that the water was gone! I quickly realized that this meant that our bad day had unexpectedly been shared with our downstairs neighbors. I can only imagine their horror.

We had it fixed, and it's been fine for a month. Then it broke again last night. OUR stuff is fine, but hopefully our downstairs neighbors don't store their lithographs, art and vintage clothes in their bathroom. . .

Yikes! Well, at least in a bathroom you hopefully assume there could be water flung about so you don't have anything in there that could get damanged...

Water problems really are the worst. The last place we lived, there was an apartment on the basement level of the house, and shortly after we moved in, the bottom fell out of the water heater (our landlord wasn't too good on anything approaching "maintenance") and flooded the basement apartment. Weirdly, the girl called the landlord, who called us, instead of just knocking on the door. By the time we got the water shut off, there was probably a good 4-5 inches of water. Luckily, we didn't store anything in that basement!

Hey, Agatha Christie's autobiography! I read that once. her book "Come Tell Me How You Live", which was about life with her husband the archaeologist, is also a good book.
On a related note, god bless Madeline L'engle. I just finished re-reading "A Wrinkle In Time", one of the greatest books ever written..