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proofreading and packing

A fantastic article on copyright, discovered in the forums of Distributed Proofreaders, which is an awesome project to get more books into ebook form. Go and help, and if you don't want to proofread, you can scan, run OCR or just donate.

I've been spending a lot of time going through boxes of old letters, zines and mini-comics and packing up more stuff for Duke University, where they are archiving my entire collection and archive of zines and comics by women/girls. It's always a little weird to go through that stuff—on the one hand, it's so nice to reread all these great and inspirational letters that I got from people who really appreciated what I was doing, but on the other, looking at the not-so-nice mail I'd saved for no comprehensible reason made all the reasons that I got really get burned out on the whole thing came back to me in a flood.
Going through comics for the first time (I had kept them all initially) was also a little sad when I realized how many creators have disappeared. Some of them have become illustrators, and some are doing comics today. But a large number of them seem to have simply vanished.
On a brighter note, I talked to the archivist who deals with my stuff for the first time in ages, and she told me that the collection is being used heavily, and that five classes used it for a major project this term! She's going to send me a handful of the top papers. It's really exciting to think that all of this really ephemeral work has gotten a second lease on life—that was my hope when I started sending my stuff there, so I'm really thrilled to see it happening. It's really eased all my reservations—I had trouble letting go of a lot of things, many of them had small notes to me written in them (don't worry, letters and truly personal notes were all excised) and of course there were reviews and interviews with me that I do not have copies of. But you can't save everything. And I can always go and visit it all.