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the bright night sky (& Mr. Bunny)

It looks like it'll be too cloudy to see the Leonid meteor shower. Not that you can see much of the night sky here on a good day…light pollution being what it is. (Those of you with clear, dark, skies have no idea how lucky you are. And boy do I miss them.) Trying to find a good location to meteor-watch (before I saw the weather reports) I found Darksky.org, which sounds like a super-villain group, but is actually an educational non-profit working to improve the night sky.

In other news, I've finally finished our little store (I saw "we" because Evan has helped quite a bit, although he can't seem to finish my Mr. Bunny drawing!). My original idea, was, of course, a lot more complicated. But what it's boiled down to is a way for us to make little, limited run things of cute designs we come up with. "Cute" doesn't sell that well, so these are either the kinds of things that we know will only sell a few at most. Or they're things we only want to make available for a limited period of time. And if nothing else, we can make more stuff for ourselves. (That's all I've used Cafepress for over the past two years!) I know I'll be doing some X-mas shopping there myself.