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big couch blunder

Our freaky experience getting to SPX (and, well, all that work leading up to it) totally did us in. We're just catching up now at last, both on work and around the house. I made a near-fatal error and laundered the couch cover two days ago—the (ikea) catalog said being able to wash the covers was a great feature, but halfway through loading them all into the machine I found a tag that said "don't launder!" luckily, it all worked out, I air-dried them, they fit back on and they're certainly much cleaner. Won't be doing that again though. (And I know to always check labels on any new piece of fabric, what was I thinking?!) Anyway, it's good to be getting a handle on things again. Hopefully, we can catch up enough so that Evan can finally start his own journal and I can get some projects out of the way. Speaking of projects, I came across this neat embroidery kit site, Sublime Stitching, with new designs for vintage-style embroidery. I've wanted to do the same thing myself for ages, but…well, like I need another project. I'd still love to know how to get transfers printed though.