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and here we are!

Jinjur is live! yay! Of course Netsol won't be sending people here even if they know about it for a few days. But those of you coming from my own site will find me here just fine. My next task will be to update the cooking class, which I have several new articles outlined for. (I don't know which to do first!) You can see how long it's been since the last update by the pre-famous Emeril reference. Speaking of cooking, I got a good query from Lisa Hundt, who asked about marinating tofu. My personal preference would be about 30 minutes to an hour, after slicing or cubing. But I've seen recipes calling for anywhere from 15 minutes to one week! (I can't imagine a week is safe, since you aren't supposed to keep tofu around that long once it's opened.) I'd say go longer if: you've left the tofu in bigger pieces; it's a lighter-flavored marinade; or you like a stronger flavor. Or of course, you want to throw it in the fridge before leaving for the day and cook as soon as you get home. I think you'll be okay doing that.