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Jury duty is over…

Jury duty is over, and it wasn't as bad as it could have been -- I was actually put on a jury within an hour of getting to the courthouse, but they promised a 3-4 day trial. And since the option was sitting on call for 5 more days I didn't try at all to get out of it. And as it turned out, it was certainly an interesting week. (The jury was more interesting than the trial, though!) Some highlights included: the defendant hitting on a juror; the defense attorney (after asking if a question could be read back to him) being told "No, if you can't remember it then it wasn't worth asking"; the jury discussion during deliberations over the female FBI agent's resemblance to Monica Lewinsky; and realizing that the last holdout on the jury simply wanted to get out of work the next day and was trying to hold us all over to the next morning! I've also finally switched over from the token to the Metrocard.

Now that it's all over, catching up is hell. Checking in with some of my favorite pages I see that my favorite blogger Matt has just celebrated the two-year anniversary of his site. Congrats! And now...back to work!