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Ricky Jay rules

Thursday we fulfilled a life-long dream of Evan's and saw Ricky Jay performing his new show, On the Stem. It was a fantastic show, and I highly recommend it to anyone who can actually get tickets (I bought ours as a present for Evan three months ago). But the real topper to the show came afterwards—for those of you unfamiliar with Ricky Jay and this show, an incredibly terse summary is that he does magic and discusses the history of broadway and con men. After the intermission, he sells boxes of chocolates for $5 (I tried to get one for Evan but there weren't enough!), and the last one he sells for $10, giving you a chance to get a gold watch, a $100 bill, or a plain box. Of course you get the plain box, but he reveals that it had $5 in it. Now, it's obvious that it's a mild con on the audience, although I think 99% of the audience know perfectly well that it's just a box of candy and are more than willing to pay $5 for the cool Ricky Jay box. But then there's that one percent....all the way out of the theater, this guy behind us talked loudly to his female companion about how "obviously" there's really $5 in every single box, that selling you a box of just candy would be "unfair" and "not allowed" (as Evan said, who's coming after him? the magic cops?) and then talked about how he'd let her have the chocolate but he was keeping the $5 in there as a souvenir. She was trying to argue with him but he just kept on—I so desperately wanted him to open it right there but he wouldn't, just kept lecturing her about how "no-one would do that". I seriously thought we were going to become hysterical listening to him all the way out of there…