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ta-da! I'm moving -- won't you come along?

A move I've planned for quite some time is finally happening, and I'm moving over to my new blog/site at colorkitten.com. Old entries are over there too (although I've purged a load of very old and no-longer relevant ones -- they still exist here in archive form, however).

It's new and shiny and actually works much better (at least for me, the load time is so much shorter!). I'll cross-post here for a bit but please come over and visit my new home! (And don't forget to update your feedreaders -- you can do it from the new site or just click here.)

Comments are closed!

Hi, comments are closed on all archived entries at this site now. I've moved to my new site, Colorkitten, and taken all my entries along with me! Feel free to find this entry there and comment; comment on a newer entry; or, email me. Thanks for stopping by!