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eye spy...a taste of summer

All I have really been spying in the last week is gloom, snow, and the effects of a household all suffering from stomach flu. But, this weekend, a ray of sunshine landed in the mailbox:

eye spy a taste of summer

our first seed packets have arrived! Emily cannot wait and wants to start them now. I'm with her!

This week's eye spy theme brought to you by Anastasia of drawing and dreaming!

What did you say?

Isn't hard to think about the summer when it's so cold!? Good luck with the veg!

hehehe, well you did very well making the most of an impossible topic for you. That snow works so well as a seed stand ;)

UGH.. The stomach flu you poor things!!
Planting veggies is so much fun with kids :) Hope the weather turns to the better soon, so you guys can get started.

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