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this is...something i'm surprised i like



When I was a kid, I hated mushrooms. Despised them. Loathed them. I would cook dinners for my family involving mushrooms and refuse to eat the results. But now, we go through a pile of them a week! Raw, cooked, in everything or on their own. Mostly we stick to button and crimini, with some enoki here and there. But we do branch out occasionally. I'm happy to say that Emily has no problem with mushrooms. Sandwiches? Now that's a different story...

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What did you say?

I'm a big fan too. I bet Emily likes them because you let her cut them up to help you cook! I find that my gal will try anything if I let her cut it up first.

I used to completely hate mushrooms, too! I would cook with them for the flavor and then dig them out because I hated the texture - and now I can't get enough of them... especially morels - yum!

I totally have some mushroom recipes to share with you :o) Madeline *loves* mushrooms, and Ellie eats them quite happily, but Audrey and Noah won't touch 'em. That's fine, though - more for me!

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