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happy easter and happy spring!

easter rement

We celebrate it in the secular spring-has-arrived way around here (go read this for the best commentary on Easter I've seen in ages so I don't have to go into it, especially since I won't say it half as eloquently!) and this year that mainly boiled down to putting together a "basket" (really it's in a tin pail) for Emily full of colorful bunny stuff. Which I have just finished doing! More on that later....in the meantime, have a fun day no matter how you celebrate it!

What did you say?

Same here - Easter is about spring in our little family. As DD gets older, we will probably dig for other ancient traditions and explore them.. for now, it'll be about family time, that fun game of finding the "eeg!" (we practiced last night and she LOVED it!), and (weather permitting) time outside!! Happy Spring :)

I must admit I concur here(thanx for the link to that story).,but I am still really conflicted about my feelings! That easter stuff is scrumptiously cute!

we skipped the whole egg thing this year but I did do a very crafty "basket". Which I will post about one of these days. JDP, I know what you mean...we like to find the fun in all the holidays, but sometimes it gets a little muddled. Then again, we have made-up "special days" all the time so the holidays don't really stand out that much for Emily, I think!

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