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monster shirts!


At last! The winners of the Monster Vote of Confidence are now appearing on a wide selection of shirts in our cafepress shop. More stuff and better organization soon, but shirts (and onesies and bibs) are available now!

What did you say?

OOOOhhhh! WOW! I just gotta decide which monster to look for (you hinted you will add more.. I think?) Sweeeeet..

Yup, we will be adding more, although it'll be slow. They have to be redrawn and then colored and formatted...but the next two are underway right now!

Sarah, I love this t-shirt! You finally linked back to your site in a comment. Do you want me to blogroll you, or are you still wanting to be under the radar? (Who am I kidding, you have much more traffic than I do! Everyone does.)

PS I can't find that t-shirt in Jack's size (he's a 6; so in a Hanes-type tee he's an 8-10, I guess). Am I being dumb, or is it not available?

hey slouching mom! Um, it should be in his size? I will check and see if something is missing.

You know, I ALWAYS put the url in my comments but blogger usually doesn't include it. feh. And blogrolling me is fine!

I think he would be in the "kids" tee, probably in a small. The size chart is confusing me a little, but check that one out.

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