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Surf Munny!

Surf Mummy munny (surfing)

We were asked to do a custom 8" Munny for the Uberbot Holiday Heroes charity auction, and he is done just barely in time! He's based on our Surf Mummy designer mini-mate from back in the day. And I think he's really cute. In a gruesome, living-dead sort of way. Surf Mummy will be up for auction in a few days to raise money for Toys for Tots, here's hoping he helps makes the holidays special for a bunch of little kids! More info at Evan's journal; more photos in Evan's flickrstream.

What did you say?

So cute!! :) How did you get the bandages to be so soft and cobwebby looking?

awwwww, cutest mummy i've ever seen! :)
i hope you guys are doing ok....thinking of you.

AH hahaha
me and my girlies have been looking at people's custom munnys all day-
We just tried to say
Mummy Munny Mummy Munny
Mummy Munny Mummy Munny
...hardta do...

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