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yo gabba goodness!

If you remember the kid's show I posted about a while back, Yo Gabba Gabba, well, they have some new stuff to entertain your little Gabba addict (if you have one like we do!). They now have a page of sample clips up along with the trailer! yay! Unfortunately, the songs are gone, but I'm sure they'll have more fun stuff up soon. There was a premiere in LA recently (Emily was invited! But of course we couldn't exactly go...) and hopefully the DVD will be out soon. In the meantime, here's our current favorite clip, "Please Thank You". Go Gabba Gabba!

What did you say?

Cool, I'm checking these guys out right now !

My little one was looking over my shoulder and saw this...he's HOOKED now! LOL! We will for SURE be watching for a DVD release. It's awesome! Thanks for the tip.

And then oldest heard that you'd done some writing for SGCTC and he nearly wet himself. LOL...both my kids think you are a hero now!

(I ain't gonna lie...so do i! SGCTC makes me laugh soooooo hard :D

We're all gabba gabba crazy here after Evan told me
to look at the clips! I'm glad they are all up, it
was maddening to have the various bits come and
go... now Josie sings all the songs when she wants
and can practice her 'beat'!

ps. done w/ booook!!!

when is yo gabba gabba coming to dvd?

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