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cute kid's aprons


How cute is that little puppet theater apron? It reminds me of a similar apron I saw a while back in a Japanese craft book -- that one was for the parent, and had a puppet theater up on the chest area, I guess so you could play with the puppets while sitting down. It was so cute I wanted to buy the book! (But I didn't -- can't buy everything...) Also really cute for kids are these aprons from Furnis:


Besides the goose and mushroom, there are also cheese and egg as well. Goose is my favorite, though.

What did you say?

Well, considering I have a theatre background, I'm loving the theatre apron! You could make an apron with pockets and buy those cute finger puppets from Ikea.

Hey, that's a great idea!

Or, I could make my own finger puppets. Because that's what I need, more projects!! Ha!

Of course we always need more projects! In my brain, I've sewn many things, beaded tons of jewelry, and collaged all kinds of stuff.

Hahaha!! Yup, in my brain I've got LOTS AND LOTS done!!!

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