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Evan and I have always talked about how cool it would be to get an Airstream trailer someday and fix it all up as either an office or a functioning trailer for traveling. But this....this is killing me. Behold! The official Sanrio Hello Kitty Airstream!! So...anyone want to spend $150,000 on a present for me? ^_^ thanks to sharp-eyed reader Loli for spotting this!


Would be cheaper to get an old Airstream and fix it up yourself. Hmmm, a possible future family project? Oh, I saw this and it just made me laugh


(cheaper than the H.K. Airstream, too)

That looks like a baby shower gift, yessirreee!


Gassssp!!!!This is almost as good as my Hello Kitty/Action Girl tattoo!

Current bid is only $40,000, so maybe if we all pooled our resources....