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$, $, $

Taxes weren't so bad. What gets me is social security. I never really thought we could count on it, but now I completely believe we're going to get shafted. So boy do I hate paying it. Anyway.

I'm going to switch our long distance, which is still Sprint because I am lazy. But there's so many alternatives out there, and it's hard to find real reviews of them. What I want: no fee, good rates, no pre-paid plan. I'm looking at ECG, Covista, Pioneer and bigredwire. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about any of these?


We use AT&T One Rate. It probably isn't the best plan out there, but it keeps things simple...

Regarding Social Security: You don't have to pay S.S. on any money that you make from royalties! This always saves me a few bucks every year.

Hey, miss Sarah! I wish I had some long distance carrier advice for you but, AMy and I opted out of even having a regular in-house line since we are out so much and only have our cell phone service. Anyway, my reason for writing is because I was able to pick up the Hellboy piece you and Even did and I've already posted about what I thought about the piece at Evan's site, but I also wanted to throw some props your way (watch your head. It might hurt). There's always something about the palette that you use when color Evan's pieces that fits really well. I'm not the greatest at expressing my thoughts on color, being the color-blind fool that I am, but I know when I like the way shades of color work together. All of the colors you use have this kind of earthy tones to them and it actually illuminates Evan's unique drawing style. I hope you and he will get to do more stuff like this. It's good to see more work from the likes of you two kids.

thanks, Vu! Glad you liked it, we enjoyed working on it in the end (even if there was some rough going for a bit!). I'm really happy with the way it turned out.