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We can't wait for this one

Just because I keep forgetting to mention it:

dig the trailer for Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow!!

How about those Fleischer-esque robots, huh?


Did you see the new Astro Boy show on Saturday? Not so dusty. The squeaky voices annoy me a little, and they scrapped the original theme for pulse-pounding sorta-techno, but it's still good watching.

Isn't it neato!!!?? We had never even heard that they were making it!!!
If it is half as good as it looks it will be something!
I am excited. Can you tell?! ;)

I had no idea astroboy was already on! I know we won't really watch it, but I'd like to see at least one episode. And Sky Captain -- yeah, we were like, okay, for THAT we might actually go to the theater. Just to look at it, y'know?