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Thanks to everyone who sent get-well wishes my way. The flu surely sucks. Anyway. Just popping in to say hello, thanks, I'm much better now. And also to share the startling news that the Empire State Building will be lit up green all weekend if you're in the area. Why do I care? Because it's being lit green for Popeye's 75th Birthday!! (Yes, that would mean the green is for spinach!) I don't think the Empire State Building's ever been lit for a veggie before (or a comic character!)...very cool.


Glad to hear you're well. I hear that drinking lots of tea helps alot so long as it's tea made from tea leaves and not whatever weird mix of fruits or whatnot that gets thrown in

I'm so glad to see you are feeling better! The flu does suck. :)

Thanks for the info on the Statue of Liberty! How cool is that?!