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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone survived their holidays and is ready for a brand-spankin' new year! We made it through the season (just barely) and are back at work again. Which isn't what I really want to be doing on a fine day like today but...you gotta pay the bills...

By the way, I felt like such a smartie after I read ˇJournalista!'s rundown of category management today (which quotes me, so this is slightly self-promoting but it's not shameless), because it was almost exactly one year ago that I brought up that very same subject; and Evan and I both brought it up to people at that time and no-one seemed to take it seriously. (I imagine publishers were taking it seriously, but individuals weren't, and they should have.) I am slightly relieved to see it's a distributor being put in charge rather than a single publisher, but still, time for everyone to start sitting up straight and paying attention.

On an entirely different comics note, a comment on the last entry asked for suggestions on manga for a 12-year old girl who loved Kodocha, and also likes Ranma and What's Michael? (All very good choices if you ask me). Guessing that her taste runs to the domestic comedy rather than the magical girl or demon-fighting, do any of you have ideas? I immediately thought of Kare Kano and I.N.V.U., and I've seen the new book Girl Got Game highly recommended, although I haven't seen it myself. Along the lines of Ranma I self-servingly suggested DNAngel for its physical transformations and mistaken identity comedy, as well as the general at-school stuff being somewhat like Kodocha In a very superficial way, yes, but, I'm trying here, alright? There is also Marmalade Boy, which I haven't read but I know was often compared to Kodocha. I don't recommend Peach Girl, or any book that Tokyopop rates OT/18+ (I find their ratings actually very accurate, by the way. There's some very good books that are OT, but they're definitely not suitable for a 12-year-old. At least I hope not. Then again, Evan's 7-year-old niece asks people if they have sex, which she defines as "French kissing in bed", so I don't know what kids are up to these days.) I like the first volume of Alien Nine but the rest of it is in my unread comics pile so I don't know how it holds up.

Last comics note: volume 1 of Snowdrop is supposed to ship this month. Rated OT and definitely not for 12-year-olds, but it's got me entertained in a sort of over-the-top O.C. kinda way. Zero fantasy elements, but there will be fighting (of the fisticuffs variety), transformation (from one gender to another), and lots of costume changes (these kids are serious about fashion). If you check it out, I hope you enjoy!


Maison Ikkoku is always good for just about any age. And I think Viz is putting new editions out now. :-)

By the by, I was going through some of my old comics the other day and came across a bunch of Action Girls. I've been out of buying new comics for a couple years (no $$), so I was wondering...are you still putting them out, or is the project (say it ain't so) dead?

But that's why I read your weblog in the first place, Sarah: you ARE a smartie. A dumbshit wouldn't be giving me all those great links and quotes to steal, y'know?

Marmalade Boy is definitely along the lines of a more relationship-comedy type thing---someone into Kodocha and Ranma would probably enjoy it. the anime isn't bad, although i haven't seen all of it---there's just too much, and i didn't really keep up with it as well as i might've. :) What's Michael? is certainly a good thing, too---and i can't quite think of anything else like it, really. i really like the Dark Horse/Studio Proteus editions, though---and i've got some of the original manga for comparison. there were some things excised, but i sort of understand why, even though i'm not sure i fully agree...

also, although there is a bit of parody of the whole magical girls genre involved, i'd also suggest Cardcaptor Sakura. while there's some magical girls elements to it, there's a whole lot of relationship/school stuff going on in both the manga and the anime. someone reading the things mentioned above might like it quite a lot.

Hmm, transformations and high school hijinks? How about Fruits Basket or
did it get a more mature rating? I saw the animated series and there was nothing objectionable about it

What program do you use for watching fansubs? I'm way slow but I finally got a hold of bittorrent and FFDSHOW and have been checking out www.animesuki.com

A lot of mediocre titles but there's a number of nice ones like Kousetsu Hyaku Monogotari (aka 100 Stories)-which is a nifty period horror series in the vein of Pet Shop of Horrors; Planetes which has got to be most hard of hard SF outside of a novel and it's almost like a science lesson but fun; Cromartie High which is a surreal 12 min long series that pokes fun at the "tuff guy" high school genre and Bottle Fairies which is an uber-cute and rather subversive series of shorts about 4 young fairies learning about the human world-feels almost like a snide Muppet Babies but without the BW footage