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…now I have my tetanus shot. I know it's a little late for a 4th of July recap, but since I'm still dealing with it, so can you! We don't do much for holidays normally, since we rarely get to take them off. But this year we splurged and had two afternoons off! On the 4th itself, we went to some friends' house for cookout-type stuff, transferred little Mullins to his new parents, and watched the Macy's fireworks from an upstairs bay window. The fireworks were not actually as impressive as I remembered them—no real shapes or designs or much of anything except the classic globe-shape. They did spread the fireworks out along the East River, which was pretty cool, except when they lit lots of red behind the skyline, which was just sort of post-apocalyptic-creepy. On Sunday (the 6th) we went to my family's thing, before we got there my stepbrothers helped build the new deck, we got there and we all ate, then we stayed and helped build the new swing-glider-thing. It was pretty fun hanging out, and the swing turned out really nicely. Except that I was in a bit of a fog from the heat, and tired, and managed to whack a very sharp utility knife into the end of my thumb. It was so sharp it just sliced right through the nail until it was about halfway down. Ick! And the blade of course, had to be a nasty old rusty one. And my last tetanus booster? Probably 1980. I have no idea. So today I went to the doctor and got my shot. (It was nothing compared to the injections I get for dental work, so it was a breeze.) And now I can stick rusty nails into myself with impunity! For another ten years, anyway.


We've only got eight years left on our rust-proofing warranty. John managed to shoot himself in the foot with a BB gun and I managed to stab myself in the wrist with a clipboard. At least he was zapping roaches - me, I was just clumsy and fell on the ONE thing in the entire time zone that was going to necessitate a trip to the ER. Wasn't even sharp. It was a blunt piece of metal, but it was positioned just right and I fell just so.
Sorry about the grievous wound, but at least now you'll have a really cool scar! Just be sure to blame it on "those heady, misspent days as a privateer in Madagascar."

Ouch! Well at least you are good for the next ten years! I never realize how much I use (insert injured part) until I hurt myself. Then it's all, "Damn I didn't know you needed a thumb for that!!"
Nice to hear that Mullins is settling in. :)
btw, That IS creepy with the red fireworks behind the skyline. Did they not think about that? sheesh.