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Things are finally starting to settle down. The new Dork trade, Circling the Drain is printed, we're just waiting to see our copies. Reports are good, however.

Mullins is settling in nicely to his new home. I think he's going to be a very happy cat, and that the story of the Little Girl and her poor little kittens can have a happy ending. (Oh, yeah, and she didn't have rabies, so my dad doesn't have to get the zillion shots in the stomach or whatever it is they do to you if you're attacked by a rabid animal.)

I've turned in the very last volume of Kodocha (boohoo), which was actually pretty emotional, I swear I'm as attached to those characters as if I'd invented them myself. And I've just today tentatively confirmed my new projects at Tokyopop, although not only it is not 100% settled what I'll do, they're titles that aren't announced, so I can't discuss them yet. However, I highly doubt you'll have heard of any of them. (I can say they're shoujo books, though.) I'm looking forward to doing more stuff, I hope I'll enjoy the new books even half as much as I enjoyed Kodocha.

In other work news, we're now hard at work (along with a few other things) on the new development stuff for the Cartoon Network. It's fun, we're enjoying it, hopefully it'll turn into something. More on that later, obviously.

In house news, this really should be part of the unfinished "my favorite tools" bit for the cooking class, but since I've had no time I just want to push on you my latest favorite thing, the in-drawer knife block that was delivered today. I've been wanting one of these for ages, but they all seemed too expensive or too junky. This one is great—it holds 6 knives, 6 steak knives (or small knives) plus your steel. And it only cost $17! (Most I've seen didn't hold that much and ran about $40.) The regular knife block on the counter was just bulky and annoying, and got so dirty. So, a bunch of stuff came out of the drawer and went into my new cool Fiestaware tool crock (mine is turquoise) and then the knife block went into the drawer. It's all so much neater and easier to get to now.

Finally, Evan's been having all the fun talking about movies lately, so I'm chiming in first with a report on The House Where Evil Dwells, a horror movie we thought might be quick and goofy and which turned out to be one of the most ludicrous things calling itself a film I've ever seen in my life. One IMDb user calls it "high camp", except it's not supposed to be…the best user comment is "Be Drunk. Very Drunk." It was hysterically funny, I have to admit. Giant talking cursing crabs going up trees? Talking heads in soup? Evil ghosts who act like naughty children? Awkward out-of-shape white man martial arts? Worth catching for a laugh, if you've got some downtime to spare.


Sorry you guys won't be in SD this year.

I'm in the process of making the annual pre-con wrestling tape dubbing. I'll make sure to make an extra one for you guys. Lots of wacky Japanese goodness, as well as old school matches.