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little moon mullins

Just a quick update from out here in the 7th circle of hell—Mullins has a home! He'll be going there tomorrow night after his first 4th of July party. Big thanks to Fletcher, Martin, Brian & Karla for trying to find a way to fit Mullins into their homes; and congrats to new mom Branden who is taking in the sweetest cat ever! Speaking of Mullins, today he was very good, so I let him sleep in my lap for a while while I was working. Unfortunately, Jinx came in the room, and Mullins thought it was his mom (she looked just like a small Jinx) and went nuts. It was so sad. We finally had to lock him back up. Poor baby! But his story has a happy ending now. (And thanks to everyone who wrote or offered support, too!)


Ahh finally some good news to read today.
Every body I know is away, I'm spending the forth of July in a nicely air conditioned apartment with my cats doodling away and listing to my Barry White albums in memory of the guy.

Your cats are doodling away? How'd you train them to do that? ^_^

I saw this thing on Animal Planet about painting Elephants, so I got some scotch tape and some Pastel crayons and got out the cats. Luckily the scotch tape doesn't hurt them, and solves a lot of shedding problems.

Maybe I'll put them up some where on my website and sell em' for millions,
with of course a large chunk going to Orphans of the Storm, our local no kill animal shelter up here in the tundra of Wisconsin.

I've always wanted to knock Crushy out long enough to bleach a lightning bolt onto his sides...

1 oz. Catnip, 1 bottle of Hydrogen Proxicide, 1 lightingbolt stencil, 1 pair Long rubber dishwashing gloves.