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like a yo-yo

So here I am, at the highest level of "busy", and my site is just up and down and up and down…not to mention the same thing is happening to a different degree to the House of Fun and to Elizabeth's site as well. No time to deal with it as I've had tons of family stuff, a major dental session and loads of final production work on the new Dork trade (extra thanks to SLG Editor-in-Chief Jennifer for being so super-helpful). It's probably for the best, actually, as I've been seized with a desire to write about things I actually cannot address in public several times in the past week, and circumstances prevented me from doing so. So maybe it's all been for the best. Anyway, if all goes well I hope to have the problems addressed later this week, if I vanish again, don't worry, I'll be back soon. Later!


Yay! Busy is good in this business! Rob was going to be very busy this month but now he's just moderately busy. :( One tends to bitch about "busy" until one doesn't have the work any more...

I hear that Random House is going to be bringing over comics from Kodansha via their subsidiary Del Rey.

Yeah, I agree, too busy is normally better than not busy enough...but so busy that you get sick is out of hand. I think one vacation in 10 years was not quite enough....

Del Rey publishing manga? I haven't heard this from anywhere! Pretty interesting, if it happens. I thought Tokyopop had a lock on Kodansha but I guess that had to run out sometime! If you hear more, let me know!

The Del Rey publishing manga bit can be found at www.animeondvd.com

Wow one vacation in 10 years. That's just madcap busy then. No wonder Evan hasn't gone to get that check up yet

Oh yeah, that article from www.animeondvd.com is from Publisher's Weekly. Random House is jumping in due to the rising sales in manga graphic novels