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Ooh, that GBA SP

A couple articles of note—first this coverage of the Japan release of the new GBA. Wow does that thing look swanky. Can't wait til it's on sale at the end of the year.

And this article I found today is absolutely fascinating, on the life of Winnifred Eaton, a writer who was apparently "rediscovered" in the 1970s, but who I never heard of before today. She's one of those people whose lives will probably interest people long after her work will—I can't really summarize this article in less than half a page so just go check it out (and notice, as of today, the article is from the future! how cool is that!)


I cannot understand your advanced hyper-language. Can we talk about fluffy things (like the smell of coffee, rain on pavement, Marmite) instead?
Please don't be angry--- I'm simply longing for a pre-duct-tape world.
Turner Classic Movie channel is helping, but those beasties at CNN are giving me nightmares.
Your fan, and forgive me, Brad