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A resolute New Year's

Once again, it's time for all those well-meant resolutions…although I have to say, I do make them, and in 2002 I kept all of them. It helps to have a short list; and also to be realistic (instead of "I will be good at ____" you say "I will try ____"). I haven't actually sat down to make my resolutions for 2003 yet, but I expect that they're going to be very practical things this year. I won't be mentioning them here though, I'm one of those people who thinks resolutions are like birthday blow-out-the-candle wishes—if you tell anyone what they are, you have no chance. But anyway, here's to a happy new year, or at least a better one for everyone, for goodness' sake. And may you all keep all your resolutions!


miss sarah wrote:
but I expect that they're going to be very practical things

e: i will try to smoke, drink, and gamble. but those are not very $$practical, are they.

and i will try to drive rilly fast if i could have a sportscar.
HAPPY New Year to you!!

Yes, you are probably the only person I know who's ever had an all-vice resolution list; but what does that make me when I'm giving you advice on this?!

..it makes you a wicked angel, or a beautiful devil.
i just read your latest, 'hey kids, comics!', and i am very sad about the puppy. :(
cruel karma!

I know, can you believe that awful woman? At the pet rescue, we were talking to a lady checking on the cats who told me about the 8-year old who got dumped, and she said "Whoever dumped that sweetie-pie, I hope they have the itchies for a whole year!" I'm not sure what that means, but I agree! ^_^

i meant to comment on the dog incident as well, but got distracted by lovely thoughts of cooking manga. ^^;;;

that's utterly and completely horrid. and there's not much more i can really say on the matter than that. the cat, too. and don't get me started on most morons who go out and buy cute ickle bunny rabbits around Easter and then "free" them when they're not so ickle and cute anymore...>P