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time trippin' in the library

Cathay vintage menuI came across this amazing resource over the weekend; it's the Los Angeles Public Library's Menu Collection Index, which you can search through, or simply browse (by searching with wild cards). As someone who is interested in food, restaurant history, vintage ephemera and design, there couldn't be a collection more interesting to me. I found it looking up the NY Public Library's similar collection, which is on display until March (we heard about it NPR and I've been meaning to get the details for ages). Coincidentally, the NY menus are being exhibited just down the hall from the Charles Addams gallery, so we'll definitely be making a trip over there!!

Another interesting page I found doing research this weekend (although I'm not allowed to say what for) is the Poisons & Antidotes section from a 1942 medical dictionary. My favorite symptom has got to be the "staring eyes" you can get from aconite poisoning.

And by the way, Happy New Year to all!