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Happy Holidays

Hope everyone's holidays are going good so far! We got caught in the snowstorm yesterday for a while, but made it safely through to spend the day with family (and it was all clear by the time we headed home). Our dining room table is now covered with swag to be sorted and put away (yay!). One thing of note: in my stocking I found my Digital Vinyl CD-R (which is why it's a good thing when your dad reads your website). And they are as cool as they look—the tops feel like vinyl, grooves and all, and even have bands on them, so they look like a 3-song 5". (And lest you scoff, we actually own 5" vinyl, which we can't actually play on either of our turntables, but well, it does exist…) Of course, now deciding what is "special" enough to be burned onto digital vinyl, that's going to be a hard one!


5" vinyl? It isn't that Squeeze promotional disc of "Another Nail In My Heart", is it? I have never been able to play that thing -- the auto eject keeps picking up.

No, it's a Rocket from the Crypt 5". But it's pretty much the same problem! I don't know anyone whose home turntable will play those. (Pro turntables, obviously, but we don't exactly hang with the DJs or anything...)