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cool CDs!!

After I mentioned the Digital Vinyl CD-R that I wanted, a kind reader sent me 2 blank CD-R from 5inch, a place that specializes in printed CD-R and nifty cases. I got lp and notepad, which are even cooler in person than on the site. There are 50 designs, all pretty neat. I think my favorites other than lp and notepad are composition, template (obviously!), and sakura. But I couldn't decide if I had too!! These are obviously not Best Buy specials, they'll run you about $1-$1.50 each depending on how many you buy. But for gift CDs, they beat the heck out of blanks with giant Memorex logos on them—in fact, they'll make a homemade audio CD look like much more of a "nice present". And couldn't you spend an extra $1.50 when you're making someone's gift? They have a u-pick deal for 15 CD-R, which is what I might have to think about. (And, they have Digital Vinyl!)


The ad on 5inch makes it look like the Digital Vinyl discs have actual pressed vinyl records glued onto the top! Do they? And if so, have you tried playing them?

Ernie, I haven't actually seen them in person yet, but everyone swears they have the texture and feel of a real 7", grooves and all, but work just as good as any CD-R out there. The photo on 5inch.com is the first I've seen where you can really see the "grooves". I'm looking forward to getting hold of these sometime soon!

To follow-up; there's nothing laid on top of the disc, it looks to me like the disc is pressed with a texture and then printed to look like a 7". I would try playing it anyway, but like I said in the entry, I already know I can't play anything 5" since we can't play the 5" single we own!!