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cuteness, cuteness, everywhere!

I was happy to find a few days ago that the English-language version of Tezuka World was back in operation! At first glance it appears to be exactly the same, but the difference is that tons of sections that had been eternally "under construction" are now open! You can now look at clips of all the anime based on Tezuka's comics (stuff I've never heard of like Don Dracula or The Green Cat), including pilots and experimental shorts. The book section itself is greatly expanded to include novels and picture books as well as manga. In fact, so far as I can tell, every section is now open. (Although the site is huge so I'm sure there could be some I haven't gotten to yet!) Possibly one of the most interesting features on the site is the "on-line comics" section, which is only available in Japanese right now, but promises 5 other languages including English. From what I can make out, you can buy an ebook version of pretty much any Tezuka volume. This would be amazing if they did eventually have them in English, but I'm not holding my breath. There is apparently a system to browse them for free if you register and download their reader software, but I certainly can't figure it out. But it's still a huge step for them…Tezuka for everyone!

Also cute and found recently: the Mr. Winkle doll. Which is funny because we saw some Mr. Winkle calendar or something recently and I was saying, "Why isn't there a stuffed toy of Mr. Winkle?" And, well, apparently my wishes are the world's commands.