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You have got to be kidding…

The latest round of design proposals for the new WTC are in (and thanks to Elayne for pointing to the site with full details of the proposals). And once again, for the most part it seems like a big joke. On who, I'm not so sure. Yes, design should be exciting and innovative and all that. But, first off, I don't think this is really the best venue for anything really innovative, and second, exciting architecture all too often ends up looking like the Swan and Dolphin hotels at Disney World. (Not that those look bad at Disney, but…)

Out of seven, there are a couple that are okay. "World Square" (design a) at least is interesting looking. "Memory Foundations" (d) is elegant and pretty. But "New Horizons" (c) brings back the ugliness of the WTC x 10…and "Memorial Square" (g)? WHAT IS THAT? That design is the one that had Evan come bounding into my office going "You're not going to believe what they want to build at the WTC site." He tried to sketch it for me and I just couldn't believe him. Think 3-D tic-tac-toe. Think giant shiny waffles. Think absolutely the last thing I want to see either in or looking at Lower Manhattan.

Lest you think I am all negative, I am for "New York Garden" (b), a design that at least seems like it would organically blend in with all the great buildings of Manhattan. The buildings are meant to visually replace the towers, yet they take a visual cue from the Empire State building and look elegant and, well, more what I think of when I think of Manhattan. The details and gardens also remind me of various parts of the city (the fact that it's a NYC team might have something to do with that).

In any case, form your own opinions, please. And if you live in NY, please vote in surveys, send feedback, whatever. I just cannot face giant copper waffles in Lower Manhattan!!


....i ws going to say, how dare you mention michael graves!! well you didn't, but still. ;D

the 'swan and dolphin'....gaze ye upon the glory of the evil empire!


you shush! at least his target stuff is cool. (although lately I'm loving the target koziol line.) But I didn't have to work in that ridiculous building...