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If you are interested in comics and you don't already read Dirk Deppey's ĦJournalista!, you should be. It's really one of those "If you read only one—" type deals. Today he links to a great article in The Boston Phoenix about the state of comics today and the irrelevance of the new Rawhide Kid. And his coverage of Bill Mauldin's situation is a real heartbreaker! Go read!!


Who is Bill Maudlin and what has happened
to him?

BTW, love the journals that you and
Evan have been writing.

Michael - thanks!! Bill Mauldin is a political cartoonist who is mostly famous (to me, anyway) for his work during WWII as a soldier. I actually have his autobio, which is a really great read if you're interested in WWII, printing, or cartooning. Apparently he's very ill and doesn't know what's going on around him very much anymore, but they can get him to respond to letters from WWII vets (and that's about it, sadly, apparently he doesn't remember much past the war).
and again, thanks for reading! ^_^