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At last!

Movable Type is fully functional! Last night I finished the last bit of tweaking (I installed a plugin hack, scary!!) and this morning I imported all my entries. I did not mind hand-coding everything into the html at all, but I did mind having to upload every page change. And now, my archives are totally managed and even nicely sorted! Even note how my front page is being built by MT, so you can always see the latest entry and updates right there. Eventually I might try building my other projects pages with it, but for now, I think this is great. like I said, going was slow at first, but the results were worth the toil.

And look, I can even turn on comments!


Brilliant! I do miss seeing how many kitties are in the room, but the redesign is fine!

Aww! I couldn't make up my mind on the kitty listing...I can always add it back in if I start to miss it. Just so you know, today's answer is: one very sleepy one.