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Come with me on a journey into crazy cartoon cat stuff…

Tamala 2010Recently, I came across this really cute space-cat toy on ebay (and if you know me you know I love space cats, I even have my own, Jinjur), and zooming in on the photo provided me with the URL for Tamala2010 (This will open in a new window because of its annoying multi-redirects). All I could really learn from the (Japanese) site was that Tamala is a "punk cat in space" and the star of an animated feature coming out this Fall involving some mega-corp called Catty & Co. taking over the "galaxy of cats". But I did grab some wallpaper, check out some cute animations (with music!), and follow a link to the official Catty & Co. homepage which offers up pics of tie-in products that include jeans, candy and tomato soup. And a link there took me to Go To Hell With Me game, (which is a "PlayGirl.3" game for "Adult Cats"). Now I am fascinated with Tamala, the Punk Cat In Space! (The toy, by the way, was the official Kubrick, which I'm pretty sure I will never, ever obtain…)