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this is... a work in progress

I've just recently discovered this is... and have decided to join in the fun! This is my favorite work in progress at the moment, or at least the most photogenic...part of Emily's fall wardrobe! I don't usually get that into the trim, but she's been asking for it more and more as she gets increasingly girly these days. This is the piece I'm most excited about from my fall sewing slate. What is it? You'll have to wait and see!! (And no, orange and black doesn't mean Halloween, either. Just two of her favorite colors!)

this is...sunday aug 9th

What did you say?

Hey Sarah - can't wait to see what you're making. I took a look at the Three Buttons blog, and I could go along with the "this is"-game - but then I know myself too well, I'll forget, not have time or something else... :)

I'm totally intrigued to see what you'll come up with. I love the fabrics, especially the orange. The print is fun w/o being too Hawaiian, you know? Is the first trim velvet ribbon?

I'm busting out the machines tomorrow so I can finish my Evan's quilt before school starts next week.

Astrid - funny you should say that, just today she posted that people should not feel like they need to do it every week!! You should join in!

Misc - yep, velvet ribbon. You may have noticed it all over everything I sew these days...I don't know how I became so enamored! Good luck on the quilt!!

OoooOooOo! thats gonna be cute, whatever it is!

Ooooh! I like it! I never use trim... I always mean to, but it just hardly ever happens. I love some ricrack, though, and I think it just looks fabulous on all sorts of little girlie things. I'm trying to force myself to put a ruffle or two on an Insa, but it's not coming naturally to me LOL!

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