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Fry-Panda is in the house!!

Remember the life-size re-ment panda frying pan? Well, guess who is in my house, and on my stove this very minute? A surprise package arrived (courtesy of my dad) and were we ever surprised to pull this box out of it:


And then amazed to pull this out of the box.


Seriously, so cute you could pretty much just die. And, we have used it already and the Fry-Panda III is in fact an excellent pan. There is only one thing wrong with this pan, in fact. It's the biggest of a set. Ack!

What did you say?

jeez. so cute.
I was looking at moma.org at their 'destination japan' collection yesterday and thought of you. and this reminded me of your panda pan!

also, booked our tickets to charlotte and am looking forward to seeing you all again.

I was eyeing this too! I'm glad it actually turned out to be a decent pan! And how about that hilarious packaging...that floating head with the sparkling finger is priceless. :D

emily: It's seriously a great pan(da!) -- I am using it a lot. The only thing it's not good for are things that are wide (say, a couple of cutlets). But for sauteing etc it's awesome!! I highly encourage you to get one!! ^_^

kathryn: that piggy thing scares me!! some of that other stuff is swell though. nothing beats cute+functional!!

where can i get one?? i realllly want a frying panda!!!
lemmy the lemon decorated oven mitt

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