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the brobee dress has a friend!

muno dress

Emily has been asking for a "real" muno dress ever since I designed one for her Animal Crossing character. Finally I figured out how best to do it and let her pick out a dress pattern and fabric color for the base. Muno is appliqued with raw edges out of knit fabrics (the black is actually from a t-shirt that was too big!). She loves it, and it's super-cute on! Unfortunately for me, she immediately listed off for me the 10 or so characters she wants dresses of, including a Yo Gabba Gabba character that's been seen twice for mere seconds!! Yikes!! I told her, maybe later.....

What did you say?

Great design. Very cute and it looks to me like a red pickle that got crossbred with a cyclops and a vampire.

Off-topic, but I remember you mentioning some character called bookska or boksa or something like that. I tried wiki to look it up but I think I have an incorrect spelling.

Also I'm trying to figure out the English name of a character from my childhood. It was a '60s or '70s live-action show about a really dumb, gas-guzzling red robot who was a servant to a Japanese family but was constantly earning demerits from his fellow robots for gross incompetence. I just know the Cantonese name for it and so I can't look it up.

Michael: That's actually a character from Animal Crossing if I recall correctly. As for the character you're referring to, the spelling is "Booska"

Can't help you on that red robot, though.

Muno is actually one of the five monsters from Yo Gabba Gabba; but the dress idea came from Animal Crossing after I made a design for her to use in the game!

Thanks, John-Paul, it is Booska! Emily loves him too. Thank goodness she hasn't asked for a dress yet!

Michael - I think you probably are thinking of Robocon? I am finding no links....here's a youtube video of a Robocon toy, see if this looks familiar:

Thank you everybody! And yeah it is Robocon...man I remember I even had that robot toy featured in the youtube vid. In Cantonese, it was called
Siu Lobo which doesn't even come close to being a translation

This is so cute!!!
I hope all is well with you! I have been out of the bloggy loop lately!

Holy crap, that is awesome!

Please tell me how I can buy your Muno and Brobee dresses? My 2 year old is absolutely obsessed with YGG.

hi . i really like the muno dress.
i was wondering if i can get one for my baby sister. we are having her 1st bday party. and the theme is "yo gabba gabba"
hope to hear from you soon.

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