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nerds with kids...

is a new site/blog that is, well, as they say: "devoted to that most rare of demographics: the geek who has procreated."

And we are officially nerds, as we've just been interviewed by them!

In honor of our official nerdiness, I'd like to revisit a few projects that qualify me as a nerd parent:

the boba fett dress!
boba jumper

the astro-bib!

and the brobee dress!
the brobee dress!

What did you say?

My nerd credentials are impeccable. And by impeccable I of course mean pathetically horrible.

I must admit that my poor princess has an English Geek for a mother. I fear she wields her wicked grammar in mostly inappropriate ways. Like when her 5th grade teacher misplaces a modifier. Sigh. To be the child of geeks.

OMG I LOVE the Boba Fett jumper! I hadn't seen it! Now I desperately want to make one for DD - others too..

Three cheers for Procreating Geeks!

Mary Ann - hahaha! I made the mistake of schooling my 6th grade english teacher on the schwa sound in front of the class and suffered for the rest of the year. (I didn't mean to, but someone asked what "that uspide down e" was and he blew them off with some made-up nonsense and I corrected him....oops....)

Lisa - time for you to make baby geek clothes indeed!!

omg, I actually have a post in draft mode right now about DJ Sara -- she is AMAZING! I love watching her...and yeah, she must have music nerd parents!! Thanks for the links, I only saw 2 of them before now!

My boys got to meet DJ Lance and Brobee yesterday at the Nick Hotel, and I saw a little boy in the Brobee pirate shirt - was dieing to know where he got it. And well, now I know! :-) That Boba Fett jumper is awesome!

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