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baby's first nightclub

OMG for reals I took my baby to a nightclub! I felt like a bad mom for at least a moment (not beforehand but during the actual show), but there's no smoking and the volume was not bad where we were. I won't be making a habit of it but she had a great time.

Evan has posted the details so I won't repeat them. I'll just say that it wasn't planned but it worked out well. Too bad I didn't have my camera to commemorate it, but I did have my cell and hopefully at least one photo is keepable. Emily was absolutely slaying me, we figured we'd leave after the first song but she kept insisting that she wanted to stay and that she loved the Aquabats. She made her little Aquabat toy dance to every song and at the end of each song she'd throw both arms in the air and scream "AQUABAAAATS!!!"

Of course, seeing your first show from the VIP section means things can only go down from here....

What did you say?

That is only the coolest mom thing ever. In no way bad. At all. I promise!

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