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see how her garden grows

emily's garden - Day: 12

Emily has been fascinated by plants and seeds for a while now, so when I cleared up the garden and planted my annuals recently, I set one container up for her to garden in. We planted the seeds (a bit too shallowly, I'm afraid) nearly two weeks ago, and she faithfully waters them every single day and is very excited to see them growing! I picked "cherry belle" radish seeds since they're supposed to be such super-fast growers, and I have not been disappointed. Who knows what kind of radishes we'll get, but in the meantime it's been loads of fun. Check out the flickr set tracking our progress if you want to see just how fast these little guys have been growing!

What did you say?

Heh. This reminds me of the Radish Cure in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. You should read it to Emily one day.

sarah, that is so sweet -- i love the thought of you and emily gardening together.

Instant gratification gardening! Sweet! Too bad about those racoons, but it looks like the radishes recovered nicely. Emily has a green thumb already!

Nice, besides the radishes what else are you growing?

Sorry offtopic but I found this website of commercials by celebrities who go over to Japan and shill the wares.


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