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it's 5-4-3-2-time again!

skull and cherry bibs

I actually ended up finding this month's 5-4-3-2-etsy purchase(s) back on September 1st, while looking around on etsy after seeing everyone else's purchases -- I need more (bigger) bibs and thought, well, someone must have some on etsy! Sure enough, I found Mary Kenyon's CoffinQuilts etsy shop, full of cool bibs, aprons, totes and more. And best of all, she was able to make the bibs toddler size for me (if you like a baby bib in her shop, just drop her a line and see if she can make it over at the bigger size, and vice versa) so actually my bibs were custom made, but at her regular price, which was yes, just $5 each! I like them so much, I'm tempted to cheat and buy more for October...but I won't. (I mean, I may buy more, but I won't use them as my official purchase!)

So, the details: both bibs are reversible (a green floral backs the cherries and pink-on-black polka dots back the sugar skulls); they fasten with nice heavy-duty pearl snaps -- two so you can adjust the neck size; totally washable, although of course they're not so pristine and all after a few cycles, as you can see (see one of them new here). And they fold up quite small, so I can stash one in my bag if we're going to eat out (assuming I remember to, of course). So, once again, I'm very pleased with my purchase, definitely more than worth $5!

What did you say?

Wow. Too cute! I need some toddler bibs...hmmm...maybe I can use this place for my October purchase? I love those sugar skulls. Perfect for Halloween!

Great idea to request larger bibs. I love the prints ,especially the Fridaliscious one!

Yeah, she's got great prints - and when I asked about bigger ones she said almost any baby bib she had up she could duplicate in toddler size -- and if you need a small one, the baby bibs are just $4!!

what awesome fabric! great find.

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